Missed Telegram ICO? Have a 2nd chance


As you know, the DEEX’ road map provides the creation of a secure decentralized messenger with financial functionality and integration into the DEEX Exchange engine. The first alpha-version of this product is scheduled for launch in middle of August. At the first stage of the project development, it is planned to create a company DEEX messenger based on the CrypViser partner technology engine.

Recently, the exchange functionality of the alpha version of Deex Exchange replenished with the trading pair with this trading asset. Bidding is presented in a pair of DEEX / CVCOIN, a link to the auction:


Cooperation with the Crypviser platform, a decentralized messenger Deex is being created, which will provide users with an unprecedented level of communication security, video calling and working with crypto-currency wallets.

Owners of CVCOIN tokens can use them while making exchange transactions on the Deex exchange.

The DEEX ecosystem is planning to realize the functionality of a decentralized crypto-messenger, which was announced in a secret, non-transparent and not accessible to the main public ICO Telegram.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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