Opening of EOS gateway


Today we are pleased to announce the luanch of a new gateway to replenish exchange accounts using EOS. Despite the relative youth (EOS sales started in June 2017), this cryptocurrency is included in TOP-10 of the most valuable digital assets in terms of market’ capitalization. Much of the credit for this rapid success belongs to the “godfather” of EOS – Dan Larimer, developer and inspirer of the Steemit social network and Bitshares platform.

Support and development of the Bitshares ecosystem is one of the most important priorities for DEEX in both short and long terms. Decentralized assets should be traded on decentralized platforms, so the launch of the EOS gateway is a logical step in the development of the project, which is the “home” for assets not only on the basis of bitshares, but also for all projects that are able to move forward the whole decentralized systems.

Trading pair DEEX/EOS

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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