Restarting tradings with CBEX token


Dear traders, owners of the CBEX token! As you know, recently there have been problems with token deposits, because when it was listed in the blockchain, a smaller value of total supply was recorded. And as you know, any edits or corrections in the blockchain are impossible. But we solved the problem! Another token was created, with the correct data and the correct total supply. Now you need to make some simple steps to restart the trading.

ATTENTION!! Before performing these steps you must STOP all trading with CRYPTOBEXCHANGE token!!

  • 1) Log in to your Deex Exchange account.
  • 2) In the list of assets select the CRYPTOBEXCHANGE token (old token with incorrect total supply) and click send.
  • 3) Select «deex-cbex-exchange» account as the recipient
  • 4) Send the amount you have on your account to the address specified in paragraph 3. So, you will get a new CBEX token (with corrected data)

Attention! Transfer fee is 2 deex! All commissions will be refunded.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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