Start Consensus 2018


Some people do not understand or don’t want to understand about the positive impact of Consensus 2018 on everything that is related to Blockchain and Crypto.

It is the first major event of Blockchain and Crypto after the hype of Bitcoin in December / January. It’s unlike any blockchain event that happened before, it’s unlike any consensus from previous years.

Because 2017 was the year in which bitcoin and altcoins really did appear to the world, it was the year everyone knew of the existence and many sought to know more about this market and about this technology, until the beginning of 2017, the altcoins market was a promise, over the past year the promise has come true and today it attracts looks from all the media and the world’s biggest investors.

Many people have opened their minds to crypto and information has reached the alll around the world, countries, as Estonia, have converted their political and economic structure using the blockchain concept. Japan recognized bitcoin as a form of payment, South Korea strengthened its economy by trading crypto. Lives were saved with donations in altcoins and new lives change every day with the use of blockchain technology.

The Consensus 2018 alone will not make the market enter a bullish trend, but it will spread knowledge. The world, the media is watching this event … The news and tendencies of the main cryptos will be exposed and from the Consensus, a new line of work starts for many currencies and many blockchain investors. Happening in the world’s leading economic center, the Consensus is already top1 trending topics in NY!

We can expect many positive reflexes during and after event, throughout the sphere of crypto.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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