Swap.online & DEEX: Decentralized Bridge for Bitcoin is built


Swap.online is proud to present the first collaboration of new type. Our team is ready to launch the infrastructure allowing the users of DEEX, Graphene-backed DEX to use Bitcoin in decentralized crypto trading. This solution opens the benefits of Bitshares-based exchange system for the Bitcoin users.

As we have wrote in Swap.online https://wiki.swap.online/en.pdf, the world crypto community elaborated a couple of software designs to eliminate the vulnerabilities of centralized exchanges. One of the most popular and interesting is proxy-token DEXs. In the systems of this kind, the particular token is used as the cryptographic IOU. WavesDEX, NXT are among the most well-known exchanges with the proxy-token.

Also, there is a row of exchanges based on the BitShares 2.0 (also Graphene) protocol. DEEX is the brilliant example of user-friendly one-for-all trading solution with the Graphene solutions behind it. Really thought-out interface, rich set of trading pairs, powerful trading toolkit are distinguishing features of DEEX. By the way, it was impossible to find Bitcoin pairs there: only related substitutions. The holders of Bitcoin were not able to trade directly, only through some intermediate currencies.

Introducing the JavaScript instruments to the blockchain, the developers of Swap.online created a widget allowing to deposit Bitcoin even on the proxy-token IOU services. The DEEX will be the first commercial experience of this use-case. Every user of Bitcoin (not bitBTC, GDEXBTC or one-more-blah-blah-BTC etc.) now will be able to make and take the orders and to trade directly from his or her Bitcoin wallet. The usage of widget will be free for traders with zero trading fee. Moreover, no additional downloads or installations are required. Due to the decentralized nature of Atomic Swap technology it will be the ordinary trading via DEEX – but with Bitcoin.

We treat this collaboration as one more step in B2B-implementation of Atomic Swaps infrastructure by Swap.online. Our widgets are useful for every project interested in the cross-chain interaction, with no regard to the nature of project.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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