TETHER is on DEEX now


On Deex Exchange has started trading with Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency. This is the fourth digital stablecoin available to users of the Deex decentralized ecosystem. Recently we announced cooperation with Q DAO and opened trading with decentralized analogues of Korean won (KRWQ) and US dollar (USDQ). Earlier for the users of Deex Exchange Stasis Eurs became available.

Tied to fiat currencies, stablecoins are one of the catalysts for the development of the entire cryptocurrency system. Unlike volatile Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular assets, they are capable to become a reliable financial instrument, which is needed to both large corporations and small companies forced to face bureaucratic obstacles and longtime of money transfers. With all the advantages of cryptocurrencies (transaction speed, uncontrollability to banks and third parties) they perfectly fit into the system of a new economic formation in which the use of dollars, euros and other fiat currencies becomes an anachronism.

So, what’s the Tether is, and what benefits brings trading with this asset to the users of Deex Exchange? Tether platform is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and uses Mastercoin/Omni algorithms. Tether transactions are hashed and passing through the bitcoin blockchain, they verify by miners along with other transactions. With Tether it becomes available to convert any national currency into digital form in a 1:1 ratio. The exchange’s marker of such asset receives the «T» letter added at the end. As a result, users are able to quickly enter fiat funds into trading with digital currencies. Tether (USDT) is backed by US dollars in dedicated auditable repositories. In a time of USDT emission this storage is replenished with dollars.

Deex Exchange traders can trade with the Tether’s USD analogue. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges operating on Graphene do not have pairs with this asset, so it was important for us to add it to expand the Deex Exchange’ functionality. Another feature that will certainly be appreciated by the owners of Deex Exchange accounts is that the Tether addresses used to deposit and withdrawal are identical to the addresses within the Bitcoin’ blockchain. You need to transfer digital coins without the need to create an additional wallet?! There is nothing easier! The withdrawal fee is 10 USDT, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are set at 50 USDT.

Stable price is another important element of successful trading with DEEX/USDT on Deex Exchange. The low volatility of Tether and the stable price of the deex token itself make them the trader’s “best friends”. Deex has already «groped the bottom», so buying tokens for USDT is one of the most profitable offers not only on our exchange, but also on the entire decentralized trading market. With the development of the entire DEEX ecosystem and the growth of the token value, the investment attractiveness of such transactions will constantly increase.

Tether’ trading and extension of the Deex Exchange’s functionality give our traders a lot of obvious advantages. Some of them we have already mentioned above, others you’ll be able to evaluate by yourself starting to trade. As we have already written in one of the previous articles from the announced series of materials that reveal the potential of the main decentralized Deex ecosystem, the project team has made a conscious choice towards the decentralization and making great efforts to create the best in its class ecosystem that provides a unique user experience and an unprecedented level of security. Stay in touch, the most interesting things are yet to come!

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