The battle for $1 000 000 has begun!

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Dear deexians, players of the largest and the most profitable casino! What we have been preparing for so long has finally happened! Team is pleased to announce the launch of the largest tournament in the blockchain with a prize pool of 50 000 000 TRX! And this is neither less than $1 000 000!

Take part in this Tournament to become the winner and win one of the 450 prizes.

During the tournament you’ll have the opportunity to win the following prizes and get bonuses:

  • Every day, 10 randomly selected tournament participants who will mine at least 100 of 888 tokens receive a prize of up to 3 000 TRX.
  • TOP-400 Miners of 888 tokens will share a prize pool – $ 20 MILLION TRX.
  • For every 100 of mined and frozen 888 tokens you get one unique lottery ticket. It gives the opportunity to become one of the winners of the main prize of 30 MILLION TRX. The most successful participant will receive a prize of 6 000 000 TRX!
  • For the whole tournament duration, we have added an unprecedented token multiplier bonus to reward and increase your chances to win.
  • Time to time on the website there will also be an EXTRA BONUS. During its activation, mining will be the most effective and exciting. Do not miss the chance to use it!

An Epic Telegram Mega BONUS

We will airdrop an EXTRA 5 MILLION TRX in Telegram when community breaks our 256 million TRX div pool record during our 50M event! This will be the biggest airdrop ever performed in Telegram!

Detailed rules of this large-scale prize drawing you’ll always find on
Play now and win!

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