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The cryptocurrency market is constantly surprising. Often, its surprises are quite difficult to call pleasant. Rates flow, hacker attacks, government restrictions…

This list can go on for a very long time, and everyone will be able to add to it something that we will lose sight of. But that’s exactly what can’t be overlooked is our current material authored by one of the consultants of the DEEX project — Denis Soldatov. The founder of the Russian-speaking Ethereum community and one of the leading experts in the field of blockchain technology shares with his thoughts… not about the technical nuances of the cryptocurrency systems work. Everything is much more serious… Perhaps you will not agree with what you will read, but certainly get an excellent portion of food for your thought…

Cryptocurrencies are in fever! Having reached an unprecedented height, the rate of bitcoin continues to fall precipitously, dragging along with them many other digital assets. Ordinary users are shocked, market professionals are waiting for what will be next, calling the current state of affairs not more than “another correction.”

Against the backdrop of these upheavals, many investors are beginning to look toward the alternative currencies, many of which until now have remained in the shadow of their more successful “financial colleagues.”

And one of such “quiet harbors”, where large players of the market are ready to bring their ships, is Ethereum. The potential of this coin lies not only in its value relative to the dollar or euro, but also in the technology itself, which like the ancient Hephaestus, forges in the depths of its blockchain Ether.

Ethereum’s and other altcoins technological capabilities, bitshares in particular, are much higher than many conservative digital money, which stability reflects on the whole cryptocurrency market. We can give simple examples, like smart contracts. Yes, the possibility of their creation is also implemented in bitcoin networks, but most of the revolutionary ideas can be realized exactly by Ethereum. We look at it as on a platform that allows to realize ideas. It does not matter if you conduct ICO, generating an additional cost to the Ethereum, or writing smart contracts for robots ( is an excellent example). The main thing is the formation of a new vector of development in the technological history of mankind — Cryptoeconomics!

Exactly about this thought, shared ideas, and ultimately — provided an opportunity of implementation by an unknown programmer — Satoshi Nakamoto. Despite the fact that we still do not know him personally, we do not know his team and we are not sure if he is a real person, he became our guide to the real decentralized economy.

Try to imagine that you have a vending machine that accepts bitcoins, ethereum, dash …. I take a cup of coffee and bring back by my choice bitcoins, ethereum, dash or DEEX. Nobody forces me to buy or sell part of my money right there, behind a “tequila cup”. You say that we do not produce anything? Production and distribution of goods is the responsibility of states and governments which reimburse their settlers in accordance of their place on the social ladder. But what if the subject (the user) changes?

People got used with the fact that at one time they were allocated the means to keep them alive. The very principle of this distribution is embedded in our genetics. The primitive Shaman, who shared prey among his fellow tribesmen in the dim light of the cave’s fire many years ago, instilled to their people strong belief in the Supreme Being.

Since then, nothing has changed. As before, everything depends on the states! Did you born somewhere in a poor African country? Yes, be prepare to the hard situation with food.

Was fortunate enough to be born in economically stable Switzerland? So, everything has been already solved as well.

The world is trying to move towards the equality. But if your country is rich in resources, it is the source of envy. Envy of economic, envy of the religious. Wealth is often formed in the hands of clans and flows into the movement of these riches between states. But even states need each other, which means that both people and those we have decided to take decisions for Us are needed too!

Projects like Ethereum can serve, and, for sure they will serve as the implementation of one of the best solutions for a new society, which is ready to enter a new level of relationships not only in the financial sphere. The algorithms laid in their basis will help to make the right decision for every Person on Earth in the future. Person! Everyone should remember that a person lives on this Earth. Only He has the right to participate in the distribution of the resources of this planet! And each of you is that Person!

And all of our interactions must move to a new level! Let’s forget about the borders, forget about different languages, social status, military power and different colors of our flags. Ready for a new world? If not, forget about what you just read.

And if so, simply use Google… typing Ethereum, decentralization, DEEX.

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