Trade with new KRWQ & USDQ stablecoins on Deex Exchange


We are pleased to announce the partnership of the main decentralized Deex ecosystem Deex and Platinum Q DAO, company specializing in the development and integration of stablecoins. With all the advantages of cryptocurrencies (speed of transactions and lack of control over the banks and third parties), stablecoins are less volatile and therefore more suitable for payments.

Platinum’s digital assets are tied to the real currencies (Korean won and US dollar) and already available for trading to all Deex Exchange’ users. Decentralized KRWQ and USDQ stablecoins use algorithms that provide a high level of transactional stability and reliability. By controlling the network with high-speed AI robots, the ecosystem offers a reliable protection against malicious actions and external attacks. Q DAO is the internal management token in the ecosystem. Q DAO has several implementations within the ecosystem.

The first is the fees payments by users who exchange stablecoin for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies which are acting as collateral ones. Q DAO also provides the right to participate in ecosystem’s management. All holders of Q DAO token can participate in the voting concerning possible changes within the system. The nature of decentralized stablecoins will not allow them to fall or rise in price with large fluctuations. Self-stabilizing algorithms and the market itself will always keep the price stable. Trade with KRWQ and USDQ stablecoins on Deex Exchange and get stable income!



Read more about Platinum on the official website.

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