Trust your funds to DEEX


It seems that another exchange has become a victim of hackers or greedy administration! From the Coinbene exchange more than $60 million in MXM tokens was withdrawn.

The transfer was noticed soon after the exchange closed the possibility of depositing/withdrawing funds for all assets.

Scam of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have long ceased to surprise someone! Another surprising thing is that people continue to trust their funds to trading platforms with a dubious level of security!

DEEX is devoid of all these drawbacks. We have long implemented 2FA authentication, stealth transactions and many other features that securely protect your funds, which are stored only in your wallets and will never be available to a third party. After the next update, we have significantly improved the functionality, introduced an alias to display tokens in trading pairs, increased stability and can say that DEEX is a really reliable exchange that allows you to trade and make a profit with maximum levels of convenience and security.

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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