We congratulate you on Russia Day


Dear Deexians! We believe that decentralized financial systems can provide independence, prosperity, success and prosperity no matter what country you live in. Russia is a great country where live very smart and talented people who create world-class technologies. Undoubtedly, Russia will take a leading place in the implementation of blockchain projects.

Despite the fact that most of the pseudo-personalities of the Russian crypto sandbox and self-appointed organizations run after Chinese crypto-forex, promoting them on the Russian market in the pursuit of earnings of a despicable fiat, we believe in national identity and that DEEX dragon will spread its wings over the entire crypto world!

With your support we will do our best to realize a successful future for everyone who believes in the prospects of blockchain technologies and who is ready to go forward with DEEX to prosperity, independence and well-being and deserved domination of Russia on the world’s blockchain and fintech market.

DEEX has done a great work on updating the system, introduced new functionality, launched a new IEO. Russia Day is celebrated on the 28th of times. And for this event we’re launching a cycle of 28 actions and updates which will lead to the strengthening of DEEX positions on the world crypto market and will lead to an increase of DEEX cryptocurrency’ value! Stay tuned!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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