Let’s trade on deex. Zero commissions for traders


The most important thing is strength of every project is the community! And our experience has shown that we are strong because of you. With the help of community, we recently got listed on coinmarketcap – coinmarketcap.com/currencies/deex!

Let’s make our success regular! What we all need for the success of DEEX and cryptocurrency exchange? Need the trading volume. Need deals. Need transactions. Who will make them now, if not we? The practice of chat communication showed that many perceive a conglomerate of DEEX investors as a bunch of MLM hypers, who threw the money in the ICO and are looking for quick X’s. Many say that this is a non-target audience, that they will not trade. Let’s dispel all doubts. Let’s trade! Start to trade! After all if not we, then who? And to make it easier for you, we do for six months of ZERO rates for all your transactions! Six months! For all ICO investors!

The return of commissions will be similar to the moneyback system based on the results of your trades during the entire period of the promotion. The action begins on October 19th, from the moment of the announcement publication.

Want to change the world? Start with ourselves! Start trading on DEEX, do not wait for the good old man market maker, he will not come. Create your decentralized future with us! Create markets and trades! Just deex it!

Децентрализованная криптобиржа


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