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Look at the picture bellow! This is how 1.5 billion of USD looks like. Imagine, how much will cost to transfer such amount of money from one region to another, what will be the transactional costs? Bitcoin maximalists claim, that the main advantage of «digital gold» is small commission fee compared to the traditional fiat.

Indeed, this is true! But imagine, how much will cost to transfer the same amount of money in bitcoins. This will also be a good money. Moreover, the speed will be pretty low. Time is money! So, calculate now how much it will cost to transfer via Deex system?

Write your comments, suggestions. Tell us the story of how much will cost to:

  1. To transfer this in fiat
  2. To transfer fiat into gold
  3. Transfer via Deex in a stablecoin like USDT.

Imagine, that the abstract lucky rich whale is located on… Siple Island and he needs to transfer this money to the President as finance supply to fight against globalists.

The author of the best story will get Keepkey Gold Edition!
2nd place will get 10 000 deex tokens
3d place will get 5000 of cryptomat tokens
4th place is the Deex souvenir gold coin
5th place is the Deex badge

In order to take part in this competition, you need to:

  • Have an account on Deex
  • Be subscibed at deex Instagram
  • Like and make repost of this post to your Instagram account

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