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Dragons vs. Hamsters conquer Internet

Dappradar game portal, which is one of the leading aggregators of entertainment blockchain projects, posted a game of “Hamsters vs. dragons” –

The project which has long been familiar to the owners of the DEEX tokens, became available for the audience of Dappradar (more than 500K visits per month).

We remind you that /Hamsters vs. dragons/ allows users to make bets using DEEX tokens and Ethereum and get great prizes!
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Share your love with DEEX

February 14th is on the calendar, St. Valentine’s Day! Deex team congratulates everyone on this wonderful day and wishes you happiness and good luck in all your endeavors! We wish you inspiration, which is so necessary to accomplish the most expressing goals! On this day we do not just once again confess our love to the dearest people. We confess to ourselves that without them we would not be who we are!
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DEEX Node’s first owners are already got the income!

This weekend, the service of cloud Deex Exchange nodes was launched. This is the unique offer for passive income, which has no analogues among decentralized trading platforms.

A node is a separate node in the blockchain that brings profit to the owner and contributes to the support of the project’s infrastructure. The functioning of the nodes is the most important element of the main decentralized ecosystem, so their connection can be considered one of the main stages in the development of the DEEX project.
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Get the passive crypto income with DEEX

We are pleased to announce the launch of DEEX cloud nodes service. Nodes are one of the most important elements for any blockchain system and an excellent source of a passive income. Due to the large number of applications for nodes connection which we received earlier, in the next few days we will be carried out the connection for early nodes owners. The corresponding option will appear in the user’s dashboard and there will be given more detailed instructions for setting up and payments.
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We all know about the confrontation between bulls and bears! These representatives of the world’s fauna have become a symbol of the growth and fall of the cryptocurrency market. But what if in the battle for global financial supremacy hamsters and dragons will converge?! It will be interesting at least!
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GRIN private coin listing on DEEX

Introducing the king of anonymity — GRIN cryptocurrency!

Trading pairs are already available:

Listing of private crypto coins on decentralized Deex Exchange has already become a good tradition! DASH, Monero, Zcash with private addresses support – all these private coins are already on DEEX.
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Cryptonomica on DEEX Exchange

On the DEEX Exchange the list of digital assets available for trading have been replenished. Now you can trade with tokens of the Cryptonomica project. Cryptonomica is a unique project that performs user identity verification using a global database stored in the blockchain. Digital keys used by the participants of the system allow them to carry out secure transactions and sign electronic documents that have legal force in many countries of the world.
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BitShares technical analysis. How stable are stablecoins?

The situation with Bitshares is very similar to Bitcoin – the main digital currency. “Crosses of death” and the subsequent divergences of moving averages indicate a protracted bearish trend. The first Fibonacci level (all levels are stretched from the historical maximum) was quickly broken. From July 2017 it was possible to observe the formation of a powerful support level (which was also the level of resistance in May 2017) and the downward triangle with the side at this level. In middle of November this level was broken (see Figure 1).
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