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Listing of DEEX Exchange at Coinmarketcap

Dear friends!
Thanks to your activity, the DEEX token is at Coinmarketcap. But that’s only half of the way! Deex exchange should also be included in the list of exchanges of this popular resource. And we can do it only with you! After all, the more traders will learn about DEEX and come to our Exchange, the higher the volumes and the more profitable it will be for all of you. Fill in the application for for DEEX exchange listing by the link and distribute this video. Details of the items that need to be filled in the application, see below.
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DEEX on RIW 2018

21-23 of November the largest conference dedicated to Internet technologies – Russian Internet Week (RIW) was held in Moscow. This is not the first time when this event pass, but for the first time blockchain development was presented in a separate section – Crypto Event RIW. Progress does not stand still, and more and more companies are betting on crypto projects that can realize the most complex tasks.
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Bithoveen’s last Symphony

The last few days the cryptocurrency world is in a fever. Almost a year ago we witnessed a rapid growth of digital assets, which was immediately changed by a slow but very tangible collapse. Bitcoin broke the level of $5000, which was held almost since the beginning of the year. Is this the last Bitcoin’s symphony? Technical analysis is what makes it possible to assess the scale of the disaster and to understand what to do and who is to blame. Together with DEEX experts in trading strategies we are trying to undersatand what will be next.
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Blockchain+ stealth = a blockchain not for everyone to see…

Of course, the blockchain technology has many practical use-cases, a big potential which is still to be explored and unveiling new horizons of which may change the world we know once and for all. It is very possible that “further 10 years” will pass and there won’t be any theaters, newspapers, books, television… not even the internet (in its familiar form as internet of information), it will be replaced with Internet of Things – the world where everything has price and people without any intermediaries could exchange, give, unite their values between themselves. Blockchain as a mechanism of accounting of these global values may be that backbone of this decentralized future we are facing.
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